Keta Meggett

Kourtney is joined by special guest, Keta Meggett this week!  She is an actress, mixed-martial artist, philanthropist, owner and coach Team Bully Bust...View Details

Very Superstitious

The Turners are back together for episode 87 and Kourt is very excited for Justin to be off the IL.  Kourtney discusses some of her baseball superstit...View Details

Mrs. Seager, y’all

Kourtney gives a recap of her thumb surgery including her choice of operating room music.  She is joined by Mady Seager, who shares an update on her n...View Details


Kourtney gives a disappointing update on her softball IL stint. The Turners chat about the foundation project they unveiled during All Star Week in Lo...View Details

First Half

That's a wrap on the first half of the 2022 season.  The Turners give their thoughts on the season so far.  Kourtney shares an update on her softball ...View Details

Fly High

The Turners share devastating news on Patches, their beloved rescued mourning dove. Justin has Kourtney out at Dodger Stadium for some early batting p...View Details


The Turners are back from their respective travels and have a lot to discuss.  They'll chat about the big changes to the Big 10 conference with the ad...View Details

Cara Smith

Kourtney is joined by special guest Cara Smith this week.  The two Dodger Wives chat about their upcoming girls trip to Cabo.  Cara shares the story o...View Details

House Bird

The Turners give an update on Patches, their rescued mourning dove.  They debate getting a permanent cage for him.  Kourtney recaps her day getting re...View Details

June Gloom

The Turners recap the recent roadtrip to Chicago.  They discuss the new Adam Sandler Netflix movie Hustle.  Justin shares whose poster he had on his w...View Details

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